Jensonn Power Systems produces electrical generator, it may sound too simple but that’s what we do best. We maybe thought to be just another kid on the block but we are where we are today not by accident but with a reason. We pride ourselves as a machinery maker with a human touch; formed by a group of veterans, we truly understand the pulses of the market, the strengths and weakness of our competitors and the pitfalls of sales and projects.

When you deal with us, you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands. It is just a sales for us, it is also the beginning of a relationship. Welcome to Jensonn





Many companies has a common purpose, to be the most profitable one. We, Jensonn Power Systems has a different one : to produce a better product. It can be seen in culture that reverberates throughout our system. It has been felt by our people, our suppliers and our customers, who have invested their time, career and trust in us, Today, we are privileged to be delivering products all over the world, however, we adhere to the belief that profit and principles are not mutually exclusive. They reinforce on another. And by doing the right things by us – is best for our business.

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Jensonn News Letter Issue 2019

Published: 29-Jun-2020

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