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Energy plays a key role in breaking the vicious cycles of poverty, without it, the fewer privilege ones usually get push lower and lower down the poverty line. The cost of energy has been a major obstacle in its availability. However, the invention of the biogas generation set to change this whole scenario, there is no industry so well poised to solve these social and economic problems.

Biogas is the mixture of gases produced by the breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen, usually producing methane. Organic matter can be agricultural waste, manure, municipal waste, sewage, and food waste. The Biogas system primarily uses biogas to produce electricity. While cost fuel is a major deterrent, waste is perpetuated, making eradication of extreme poverty and hunger a reality and making it a truly sustainable solution.

Jensonn saw this as a business opportunity and a way of giving back to the society that have given us so much. So a decision was made and investment was poured in both on facility and manpower. Today, we have case studies in China, Philippines, and Indonesia, from small holding farms to power plants. It has been a rewarding experience for us and a win-win situation for us, the farmers, and the environment. The most rewarding part of this has to be the pat on the back from the stakeholders, their way of saying “well done and thank you”.   

Let’s start doing our part for the environment and thank you in advance.


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