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The first generator was born in 1892, developed by Mr. Rudolph Diesel with an earlier invention of an alternator by Mr. Michael Faraday in 1831.

More than a century later, the ever-growing need for power has made generator still as relevant in today’s modern world. But as the demand increases, more factories jump into the bandwagon, generator soon becomes a commodity and suffers the inevitable fate of price war and quality issues.    

However, here in Jensonn, we are not to be just a generator company. We have over the years gathering a team of experienced engineers that is able to understand clients’ needs and truly provide a solution.

We understand the constraint of space in modern architecture and therefore we built and design remote radiators that save space. We understand the lowering tolerance as the city grows denser and so our super silence sets are based on the highest and not the average of the sound level. We understand the hassle of rust and we come out with a zinc-coated canopy that keep these problems at bay.  

We are growing and constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves and give value to our products. Having said that, our principle remains the same to our customer, no job is too small for us and no project is too big for us to handle,  because we understand you.

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